Saturday, May 17, 2008


Did everyone have a good day in the sun? We have had record-breaking heat the past two days, and normally I would be out in the sun... but yesterday I was so nauseated I didn't want to do anything but sit on the couch and today I had psych class from 9-5:50. The moments I did step outside, though, were lovely. Nothing like the sun to put a bounce in my step. I'm looking forward to the summer regardless of what news comes on Monday. Still nauseated, still slightly spotting, and still trying to be hopeful.

Class was interesting today. We learned about the development of the human brain from conception through the first year, and it was really fascinating. The DVD had examples of a preemie's brain development and how it differs from a full-term baby's development, as well as a lot of other interesting factoids that I'm too tired to write about. But really, the human brain is amazing, and learning how complex just that one aspect of development is, it's a wonder that we understand anything about how people develop as a whole. There are so many kinds of development that I've never really thought about before. Being in school is great! I can't get enough of it.

The highlight of my day was definitely my little girl. Dorothy was so excited to see me when I came home after being gone all day. She sat on my lap while I ate my nachos and got so enthralled with watching me eat them that she started picking the chips up one at a time and saying, "Open de mouf! Mmmm, nummy! Gee-go (there you go)!" She was putting them in my mouth one after the other as fast as she could, and by the time I was halfway done eating them, we were both covered in refried beans and guacamole. I was laughing so hard I could hardly chew. I live for moments like this. Her little personality is so lively and at 20 months she's talking in more and more sentences. She throws in some nonsense words as filler, but she's really learning how to put words together to get across what she wants to say. She LOVES her alphabet... books about it, songs, having me write it out, or even just saying random letters. If she sees writing on anything, she says "A-bee-seeb (abc's)!" Her favorite letter varies from week to week. This week it seems to be H, but Q and W are always high on the list as well. I'll have to take some more pictures pretty soon!


Kristy said...

Oh she is so funny! how cute!!!

p.s. my degree is in psych/neuroscience/human development! the brain is so amazing! good luck with your studies! =)

purple_kangaroo said...

Awww, she's so cute.

KMW said...

how did the ultrasound go?