Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday night and feelin' fine

It's been a long, fairly relaxing weekend. David and I went to our new Ikea this weekend, which was great, as Ikea should be. We were checking out some furniture items that we'll need to make the best use of the space in my brother's downstairs, and we picked out a computer hutch as well as an entertainment center and (hopefully) a couch or loveseat. I sang at church this weekend, too. And we played this game a few times (for any of you strategy game fans out there). Please don't mind the fact that my posts are short because I'm packing (errmmm... and watching some TV). Hey, at least I am putting in the effort, right?

1 comment:

my4kids said...

Relaxing weekends are always the best.
Never did get a chance to go to Ikea before we left. They don't have one here so may not ever actually go to one.
That game totally sounds like something David would play!