Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So about one of those interesting facts....

I am compulsively organized. Let's just say David and I had a chuckle at my expense last night when I showed him how to fold an undershirt rather than crinkle it into a pile. He took his stack of "folded" t-shirts and put them in the front of the drawer. For most people, this would be the normal thing to do, I assume. But this little feeling inside me makes me rotate everything, so that no one thing gets worn more than the others. Even underwear. David laughed at my compulsive need to put the newly folded stack in the back of the drawer... and then put the newly folded socks underneath the old ones. It just helps my peace of mind.

But last night I have never laughed at myself so much. I asked David if he would rather have a slob for a wife or someone who is organized. He said, "of course, I would rather have someone who.... rotates their underwear (snicker)."

So I say, "honey, are you laughing at my anal nature?"

"WHAT about your ANAL nature???"

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