Friday, November 02, 2007

On blogging (or not)

Part of the reason I've been away is the fact that I just don't want to go there...

Having to take time off from school was a hard, emotional decision. Although I am hoping to pick up one class per term starting in January.

We're moving. AGAIN. Our lease is up on November 30th, and my brother asked us to move into his downstairs. This means we can save up some money because I will be doing child care in exchange for most of the rent. And now I won't have to get Dorothy and I up at ungodly hours of the morning.

We're ttc #2, and frankly, I forgot how much I didn't like the ttc process. Do all the pregnant people come out of hiding when one wants a baby and must wait for her right timing? My theory is that they must. We have been also tossing around the idea of adopting instead (since the high-risk pregnancy is so hard), but looking at the figures, it's crazy expensive... like $20,000+ expensive. But my thought is if it is supposed to happen, God will provide in His own way.

Dorothy is getting to be so much fun. She is saying more and more "words" and has finally started to pull up to standing. She can't stand on her own yet, but I know it's coming. She was a fluffy little ducky for halloween, so pictures of that are coming.


purple_kangaroo said...

Big, big hugs.

And the pictures are GORGEOUS. I can't believe how big Dorothy has gotten. Maybe now that you're not in school we can get together sometime?

Emmakirst said...

So glad to see you back. Sorry about the ttc, I'm sure it'll happen when the time is right. Dorothy is gorgeous, I love the pics.

Renae said...

Oh - she is getting so big, and she is beautiful! I'm glad you're back!

We are doing the ttc thing too for 2 years now. And we are looking at adoption too. So I understand. And it stinks. And pregnant women seem to come out of the woodwork wherever I go.

my4kids said...

Sounds like it could be a good situation with moving in with your brother. The not having to get up so early in the morning is definetly a plus.
Sorry about the ttc frustration.

The Princess said...

I'm thinking of you and wishing nothing short of a blessing to come your way.

Any questions of on adoption you may have, send them my way. Remember, I worked in the field for 3 years, I might know a little!!