Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My amazing finds at Gleaner's yesterday

I came home with quite a bit of produce after my shopping yesterday, including strawberries, pears, oranges, avocados, grapes, and peas. I also picked up a lot of frozen items, such as edamame, cooked wild rice, cooked wheat berries, and kale. Soups, here I come! I was also able to get plenty of chips and soda for David to take to work in his lunches. David's mom also sent us over some strawberries, blueberries, pears, oranges, pistachios, nutragrain bars, and an avocado from Costco. But my favorite finds yesterday were in the clothing area upstairs. I couldn't believe how many type 1 tops I was able to find. Normally I don't find much for myself at Gleaner's. Most of the time I can only find things for the kids, so I was really happy with my finds yesterday!

First I found a button up shirt with the perfect colors and shapes and a brown zip-up sweater to go over it.

I found another button-up shirt and the perfect jacket. This is by far my favorite of the bunch, right down to the flower-shaped buttons. So cute!

Here is another button-up shirt from Old Navy, with chocolate brown and pink stripes.

I also picked up this gold-looking sweater to go over some things.

And a very type 1 scarf.

Not to mention the pants that were perfect other than the length. They were longs, so I cut off the bottom and embellished them with some paint I got at the craft store.

Lastly, I found a green sweater with an asymmetrical collar.

These should all go great with the earrings I got with the remaining money on my Target gift card.

Here is the look I went for today with a new pair of earrings and some shirts and necklaces that were already in my closet. This Dressing Your Truth stuff is so much fun!

I'll try to post later today with our menu plan and that wonderfully delicious brownie recipe. Mmm, my mouth is still watering. I've made them twice in the last 2 weeks :)


Meg said...

Wow you did great. Didn't know you could get clothes @ Gleaners. We had that here in town when we first moved here, but wasn't much. Am glad you have that resource for your use. Looking good.

Rebecca said...

Yeah, the people that use the program (or anyone else for that matter) can donate anything to Gleaner's that they would normally give to the local thrift store. We've donated quite a bit, too. It basically works like an exchange since you can eventually find what you're looking for, even if it's not right away :)

Ashleigh said...

You look amazing! Sparkly and full of life!

Angela said...

Aww, you look so bright and pretty! I especially like the blue shirt with curlicues--so Type 1.