Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christmas is a downer for me this year. Dorothy is sick. And last week we found out we were pregnant again, only to start bleeding this morning. Just don't know how I feel about going through ttc again.


Renae said...

Becci, I'm so sorry! We're praying for you and the family!

sarah said...

I'm sorry Dorothy is sick! :-( I spotted at 7.5w w/ Ethan and again later on, so I hope you find out everything is okay. I understand feeling conflicted about ttc again; we're in the same boat.

The Princess said...

Oh my goodness...are you okay?

As you may remember, I found out on a Wednesday that I was pregnant and woke up on a Friday bleeding quite heavily after miscarrying just 6 weeks earlier. 35 weeks later I would hold Camille.

Please let me know you're okay.