Monday, May 28, 2007


Here I was, all ready to post some recent pictures... and the camera is MIA. I probably left it at a parent's house or some such thing. My profound apologies.

We've had a busy couple of weeks. David and I were both on vacation last week, though the last part of it was spent caring for a sick baby. Dorothy has her worst cold yet. The green snot oozes. The first night I thought she was just having a bad dream or something because she was crying and gagged herself until she threw up in her crib. I gave her a bath and put her back to bed. She did the same thing during her nap on Saturday. From that point on she coughed more and more, getting progressively more barky and congested. She's had a fever off and on. Saturday night I almost took her in to the hospital because of how tight her chest sounded. You could hear that barking noise even when she was only breathing. I was up with her most of the night that night. She has continued to gag herself with the coughing and crying, occasionally to the point of throwing up. Her chest still sounds wheezy at times, but rattles instead of sounding barky. Mom says that is a good sign because it means things are losening up, but I'm still worried. Her cough still sounds unproductive, tight, and painful. I can't get her to take any kind of decongestant because that gags her, too. At least she'll take the ibuprofen for her fever. Any advice on whether to take her to the doctor? I don't like going in only to have them tell us to keep doing what we're doing.

Of course mommy has to catch whatever baby has, right? So I have a cold to welcome me back to work;) I'm only a working woman until the end of June, though, due to lack of a babysitter. I will be starting classes, though around that time, so I'm sure I'll keep plenty busy. I'm starting off with algebra 1 (math 60) since I am such a genius and can't remember anything I learned in high school. I'm doing a condensed calss, so It starts June 19th and ends July 26th. Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-9:30 PM. I'm also taking an online computer science class that will be "meeting" for the entire summer term.

Keep us in mind come the fall. I'm waiting to hear what kind of financial aid package we'll receive. I still have to apply for a childcare grant from the student government, which I can't do until the summer term starts. I put Dorothy on the waiting list at the college child care center. Unfortunately, it is a YMCA. Therefore, it is open not only to the kids of college students, but also to the community.... which means almost a 0% chance of her getting in there because the waiting list is ginormous. I'm wanting to take 3 classes per term, and really, really hoping to keep them all on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I have as few days away from Dorothy as possible.

As for another baby, who knows when/if on that one. We'll most likely wait until I'm done with school. Unless an oops happens that's the idea.


Jessica said...

Did the hospital recommend any breathing treatments for Dorothy? When D had his really bad colds, and sounded like Dorothy did, they prescribed him breathing treatments. (Luckily, I already had a nebulizer). It seemed to really help. Also, the Vicks Vaporbath really helps when he's sick too. Just a few suggestions! Those colds really are tough on em.

Rj & Kristy said...

I second the Vick's Vaporbath. It helps. Plus put a folded in half towel up under her mattress so elevate her. That should also help with her breathing & decongestion.
poor babe :(
Have you called the advice nurse to she what they think?

Tonya said...

I would take her in to the hospital and have her checked out! I would not wait it out..