Monday, March 27, 2006

How about a date, honey???

So today my husband and I had a lunch date.... on the couch! I know, it does not sound particularly glamorous, but it is the highlight of my week at this point. Not like I get out much right now for many exciting things to happen to me.

You see, I have been craving the seafood portofino from Olive Garden for about 6 weeks now. If you have never had this and you like seafood and pasta, it is a must-have. Believe me! It is linguini pasta with a white wine/cream sauce, with lots of shrimp, scallops, mussels and mushrooms. Sprinkle the romano cheese on there and you are good to go. Now I have never gotten Olive Garden to go, but I am very satisfied with the experience. The portion is hefty, which surprised me being a lunch menu item (they do have this at dinner time, too). And the salad is a big box of it, I imagine because when you are there the salad is bottomless so they give you A LOT... like I would say it would fill 4 little salad plates pretty full. I ate about half of each item. Of course you get 2 breadsticks and the little chocolate mint. So aside from the view being slightly less romantic, it was nice.

David and I sat together eating out of plastic containers with plastic forks, opening the little packets of romano cheese onto our salad and pasta (I tried to close my eyes and just imagine there was somebody grating the fresh cheese right on there). What a guy. So after lunch I am sitting here at the computer and all of a sudden just have to tell him how wonderful it was, and how happy I am that I finally got to eat this food I have been craving.....

I am happy for the moment. Just waiting until the next highlight of my week..... the visit to my Perinatologist on Wednesday morning. Hopefully the baby won't be crossing his/her legs like last week, we want to know what the sex is!

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Krystal said...

That seafood portofino is the BEST! I recently got a gift certificate to Olive Garden.... guess what I'm getting with it!

Sounds like the two of you had a good time. :)