Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today (and every day) I am so thankful for my kids. With all that we had to go through to get them here safely, they are such a miracle.

I am also grateful for my garden, for Gleaner's, and for David's job, through which God gives us all that we need. Here is yesterday's garden harvest!

And I am always thankful for good food. Yum!

This post has been linked to Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers. What are you thankful for today?


Meg said...

Always good to think of the things we are grateful for. God blesses us w/ so much we need to stop & thank Him. Am so glad you are one that realizes this. Have a wonderful day.

Dianna Hesselman said...

Great pictures, great attitude! Have a great day!! Love, Mom

Robyn said...

Was just looking for blogs of mom's of preemies or those who had pregnancy difficulties and found yours. I had a 25 weeker and 36 weeker with the threat of a cerclage for my 2nd one. Your family is beautiful! :o) I really hope you post how to make some of these yummy foods you are posting pictures of on here! Hope you don't mind if I poke around some and get some ideas! Especially onj the saving money end! :o)

miraclebaby said...

Thanks for stopping by, Robyn :). I do post recipes now and again, and I try to remember to add them to the recipe tab at the top. I sure hope you do poke around some more.