Monday, May 09, 2011

The "Blitz Clean"

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With all the sickness over the past couple of weeks, along with me being gone all day Friday and Saturday, the house needs a bit of attention. Days like this are blitz cleaning days. I'm trying to recover the house and prepare for another possible round of yuckies (since Dorothy had picked up something else last week and everyone at David's work has been sick recently). I always like having a clean home in times like this.

My blitz-cleaning regime:
*Catch up on laundry and dishes. At the very least get everything washed. Laundry gets folded in the evening if there is still time, then put away the next morning.
*Go through the house with a bottle of cleaner and some rags and surface clean everything. If a surface is cluttered, I remove the clutter and put things back in their place.
*All shoes, jackets, and toys in the living room and kids' rooms get put away.
*Wash/dry/put away diapers.
*Make our bed.
*Wipe down kitchen counters and sweep/spot mop the floor.
*Clean the bathroom.
*Empty trash if needed.

It's going to be a busy day!!

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Hannah said...

That's pretty much my to-do list today too. Happy cleaning!